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Today's children are born at a time when the use of technology is the new normal. To cater to such a generation, JMPS has modelled the teaching learning methodoblogy as per  the new generation's style of receptiveness and learning.


Digital Learning Tools from Microsoft Education

Joseph & Mary Public School is a Microsoft Teams school and uses this platform to conduct online classes. Teachers use Google forms or game-based assessment through Kahoot to make interactive and interesting challenges for learners. Game-based learning is one of the most exciting new areas in education and teachers at JMPS are constantly encouraged to use this.


Learning beyond the four  walls of the classroom takes place at Joseph and Mary through field trips, excursions, camps, expeditions and day visits finely embedded in the school calendar through out the year. Students are always chaperoned by the teaching staff. Through field trips and excursions we make the most of the world outside by encouraging our students to go out and explore the treasures of their surroundings and enrich their learning.

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