JMPS completed a very arduous journey with completion of first silver jubilee year in 2020. The hard work with professional honesty has been tirelessly carried out by each member of JMPS Family; it really deserves sincere appreciation for maintaining and promoting academic as well as intellectual quality being given to its students. 

JMPS is committed to offer a balanced and holistic education that not only prepares our students well for the challenges but also to nurture them into people who live a meaningful life in service of others. We are not just facilitating with a platform of learning, rather setting stage for future civilization; who are not only academically proficient but are also equipped with 21st century skills that would help to face the challenges of the future world. 

We focus on developing the students' ability to articulate, collaborate and be creative problem solver because the world is changing exponentially and we prepare our children for the possibilities and unpredictability of tomorrow through engaging curricular and co-curricular activities.


The school's philosophy is to foster perseverance, logical thought, quick perception, a retentive memory, sound judgement, presence of mind, self reliance, self control and the flexible power of mind which can adapt itself to any situation. It foresees the role of a teacher as a facilitator to our students. Love and affection is the key process to gain the confidence of any pupil.  

Philosphy of JMPS


"Facilitate all-round development of students to succeed in meaningFUL and positive way in all fields."

" To empower students with their true potentials & to bring out the best talents of students under its care for progress of THE society consistently with dignity, autonomy, accountability & freedom."