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Joseph & Mary Public School


                                The School Pledge

Introduction:-  I, the student of Joseph & Mary Public School, solemnly take this Pledge to commit myself and dedicate my life with utmost sincerity to uphold the highest standard in the “Mission and Vision” of my school.


  1. I pledge this day to be kind, honest and humble to all.

  2. I pledge to be disciplined, reliable and responsible to the best of my ability in upholding the dignity and prestige of my precious school.

  3. I will leave no stone unturned and strive to do the best of my ability.

  4. I shall respect all my teachers, elders and fellow classmates and treat everyone with love and courtesy. I also promise to treat all my schoolmates as my brothers and sisters.

  5. I pledge that I will not indulge in any form of Violence or Misbehavior.

  6. I promise to maintain a good standard of hygiene in the school and keep my surroundings clean.

  7. I shall always strive to bring Laurels and Fame for my school.​

The goal of My Pledge:                        
The goal of my pledge is to be a dignified citizen of India, serving my nation to the best of my ability and always uphold the honors and dignity of my nation and my school.