Subject Combination (Year 2021-22)

For Class VI to VIII (Prescribed by Directorate of Education, Delhi)

​1. English 

2. Hindi

3. Mathematics

4. Science

5. Social Science

6. Sanskrit

7. Computer Science and Applications

​8. German

​For Class IX and X (Prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education)

1. English

2. Hindi

3. Mathematics

4. Science with Practicals - Physics, Chemistry, Biology

5. Social Science - History, Geography, Civics, Economics

​Additional Subject: Sanskrit/ German

​For Class XI and XII (Prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education)

As per the CBSE scheme of studies, each student is required to opt for one compulsory language at the core level along with four electives. The school offers these subjects under three streams; Science, Humanities and Commerce. The details are as follows


1. English 

2. Physics

3. Chemistry

4. Mathematics/ Biology

5. Biology/ Informatics Practices/Home Science/ Physical Education

​Additional Subject: Physical Education


1. English 

2. Accountancy

3. Business Studies

4. Economics

​5. Mathematics/ Informatics Practices

Additional Subject: Physical Education


1. English

2. History

3. Political Science

4. Home Science

5. Economics/ Physical Education

Additional Subject: Physical Education

The School Curriculum intends to develop the uniqueness and individuality of a child besides initiating him/her into the general norms and roles of the society. Curriculum is formulated in accordance with N.C.E.R.T. Syllabus and C.B.S.E. guidelines.

The program of activities are built around psychological concepts rather than logical topics, it is flexible rather than rigid; democratic rather than authoritarian and cuts across subject lines. It is based on the abilities and needs of children and the legitimate demands of society. Activities are planned to foster team spirit, democratic values and leadership qualities. It puts the child in the centre of educational process and allows him/ her to develop into a unique personality in an atmosphere of freedom.

The Curriculum of JMPS is envisaged to provide a student with a

coherent sequence of impression, exercises and cognitive

subjects by virtue of which he/she can participate

consciously and productively in the development

of the nation and of human - kind as a whole besides

growing into a full fledged personality.   



Subject Combination